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Master the art of Washoku & Sushi making

Food encapsulates a culture, and many different foods have flourished worldwide. London stands as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, offering cuisines from every corner of the globe. In recent years, the number of Japanese restaurants in London and the UK has seen a significant rise. This surge can likely be attributed to the fact that Japanese food is not only delicious and aesthetically pleasing but also boasts a healthy and eco-friendly cooking process.

However, it's worth noting that most Japanese cuisine served abroad often differs from the daily culinary experiences enjoyed in Japan. If you've had the opportunity to travel to Japan and savour authentic Japanese cuisine, you would know the distinction. Consequently, it is a timely occasion to reassess and redefine what truly constitutes authentic Japanese cuisine.

Traditional Sushi
Sushi Student chef serving a sushi dish
Sushi making - rolling by hand
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Exclusive focus

We are the first culinary college in the UK solely dedicated to Japanese cuisine, offering authentic cooking methods and cultural practices.

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Courses to suit you in furthering your career

Full-time Professional Diploma Course

This is a 6-month daytime programme designed to train you to become a professional Sushi and Washoku chef. The course begins by focusing on Japanese knife skills and basic cooking knowledge, gradually progressing to the point where participants acquire the skills needed to manage their own Japanese restaurants. Graduates receive a Diploma, alongside an official certification from the Japanese government.

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Part-time Intensive Short Courses

This course is tailored for graduates of the 6-month professional diploma course or current chefs and staff in the restaurant and foodservice industry. It encompasses various focuses and themes, including charcoal grill skills, Soba and Udon noodle, Matcha and Japanese sweets, Sake and matching foods, and more. Participants will delve into specific subjects within a short timeframe, enhancing their expertise in each area.

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Tailored training for chefs and culinary professionals

We're able to provide fully customised programmes specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of professional chefs, culinary experts, and industry leaders aiming to elevate their skills in traditional Japanese cuisine. click the link below to find out more, or get in touch by emailing us at

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Sushi roll crafting

The specialist art of washoku & sushi making

As Japanese restaurants continue to extend their presence in international markets, there is a growing demand for chefs proficient in authentic Washoku and Sushi. The required culinary skills encompass meticulous preparation, leveraging the unique qualities of ingredients, artfully presenting the culinary gifts of nature and the changing seasons, and providing attentive service. Chefs possessing such genuine Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) skills are sought after both within and outside Japan. Invest in learning authentic Japanese Sushi and Washoku cuisine cooking, along with understanding Japanese food culture, to elevate your future career prospects.

Delicious authentic Japanese sushi
Sushi chef training

Learning the specialist skills of making sushi

Sushi is among the most well-known forms of Washoku. While the preparation of sushi is commonly perceived as simple, it is accurate to state that authentic sushi represents the pinnacle of Washoku, emphasising the intricacies involved in preparing both the rice and the ingredients.

In our college, you will not only master the art of "Nigiri (hand-formed sushi)" but also explore "Makimono (rolls)," "Chirashi (seafood rice bowl)," and even sushi options catering to vegans.

Chef showing Japanese culinary expertise

Understand the intricate craft of washoku

You will be taught  the fundamentals of Washoku, focusing on cultivating your sense of taste – an essential skill for a Japanese chef. Training will encompass the proper use of Japanese knives, the basics of Dashi (soup stock), and various cooking techniques including simmering, frying, steaming, and grilling. The Japanese daily set menu, known as "Ichi-Ju-San-Sai" (three dishes, one soup, rice and pickles), taught in the class, serves as the foundation for all Washoku. This culinary foundation eventually evolves into Kaiseki, the supreme course menu.

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