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We are: Tokyo College of Sushi & Waskoku, London

Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, London stands as the inaugural culinary college exclusively dedicated to Japanese cuisine in the UK, teaching authentic cooking and cultural practices.

We embark on this journey by initiating the teaching process with the identification of ingredients, adapting to local cultures and environments. As an example of this, distinguishing the nature of water. Water, a fundamental and crucial ingredient in Japanese cooking, is primarily soft water (containing fewer minerals) in Japan. This softness plays a pivotal role in enhancing the UMAMI flavour from the ingredients. Conversely, in many European countries, the prevalent hard water hinders the extraction of UMAMI, even when using the same set of ingredients.

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An authentic learning experience

Learn directly from Japanese chefs in English, ensuring an immersive and authentic learning environment.

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Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, Japan building
Shot of classroom in Tokyo college, JapanClassroom in Tokyo college, Japan
Japanese chef lecturer teaching studentsAuthentic Japanese sushiStudent chef using knife skills

From traditional roots

Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, London serves as a satellite branch of its headquarters,  Tokyo College of Sushi Washoku, located in Tokyo, Japan. The college, established in April 2016, holds the distinction of being the first Japanese government-authorised Japanese cooking college. Offering full-time courses spanning 2 to 3 years. All cooking instructors are seasoned chefs from exclusive Japanese restaurants in Ginza, Tokyo, or Kyoto.

The educational supervision of Chef Toru Okuda, renowned for operating a Michelin-starred Japanese Kaiseki restaurant, ensures the delivery of authentic Japanese cuisine education. The consistent influx of international student applications to our Tokyo college each year is a testament to the growing global popularity of Japanese cuisine, particularly Washoku and Sushi.

About us
Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, Japan building
Shot of classroom in Tokyo college, JapanClassroom in Tokyo college, Japan
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A journey from Japan to London

In 2013, UNESCO recognised traditional Japanese cuisine, or Washoku, as an intangible cultural heritage. According to a survey conducted by the Japanese government, the number of Japanese restaurants outside Japan was approximately 54,700 in 2013. This figure has seen a constant increase, with the most recent survey reporting about 187,000 Japanese restaurants in 2023. The decade has witnessed a remarkable tripling of Japanese restaurants worldwide. Notably, there has been a 20% increase in the European region between 2019 and 2021, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic across European countries. This presents an excellent opportunity to acquire authentic Japanese cooking skills and knowledge with us. By doing so, you'll elevate your professional standing and who knows, maybe even venture into opening your own Japanese restaurant business on a global scale!

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Washoku and Sushi, cuisines that are attracting worldwide attention

“Statement from Japanese Ministry of Agriculture,Forestry and Fishery or Japanese Embassy in London”.

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We offer courses to help you further your career

Full-time Professional Diploma Course

This is a 6-month daytime programme designed to train you to become a professional Sushi and Washoku chef. The course begins by focusing on Japanese knife skills and basic cooking knowledge, gradually progressing to the point where participants acquire the skills needed to manage their own Japanese restaurants. Graduates receive a Diploma, alongside an official certification from the Japanese government.

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Part-time Intensive Short Course

This course is tailored for graduates of the 6-month professional diploma course or current chefs and staff in the restaurant and foodservice industry. It encompasses various focuses and themes, including charcoal grill skills Soba and Udon noodle, Matcha and Japanese sweets, Sake and matching foods, and more. Participants will delve into specific subjects within a short timeframe, enhancing their expertise in each area.

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