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Tailored programmes for chefs and culinary professionals

We offer tailored programmes designed to meet the specific needs of chefs working in the industry, culinary professionals and industry leaders seeking to enhance their expertise in authentic Japanese cuisine.

Intensive training on request

Our intensive training sessions are available upon request, offering flexible scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle. Benefit from personalised, hands-on learning experiences that cater to your specific needs:

Short Weeks: Accelerate your learning with focused, condensed programmes.
Weekends: Perfect for busy professionals who want to advance their skills without interrupting their working week.
Morning Sessions: Start your day with enriching culinary training that leaves your afternoons free.

Japanese knife skills -
Close up of chef cutting fish delicatly
Traditional Japanese Sushi

Advanced training by topics

Delve deeper into specialised areas with our advanced training modules:

  • High-end omakase: Master the art of exclusive, personalised sushi experiences.
  • Exclusive ingredients: Learn about rare and high-quality ingredients used in Japanese cuisine.
  • Vegan sushi: Explore innovative plant-based alternatives to traditional sushi.
  • Charcoal grill: Perfect your grilling techniques using authentic Japanese methods.
  • Traditional seasonings: Understand the unique flavors and applications of Japanese seasonings.
  • Sensory taste training: Enhance your palate and sensory evaluation skills.
  • Raw fish hygiene and nutrition: Ensure safety and nutrition when handling raw fish.

We can tailor a training programme to suit your needs. Please contact us if you have any questions, or to discuss your specific requirements, and receive a tailored proposal.

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Japanese grilling technique
Japanese chefs teaching student chefs
Fresh vegan sushi ingredients

Off-Campus Training

We bring our expertise to you with off-campus training tailored to specific topics at your restaurant, allowing your staff to benefit from our specialised knowledge in their familiar environment.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Ensure your skills and knowledge remain current and recognised within the industry. Available upon request.

Specialised Staff Training

Ensure your skills and knowledge remain current and recognised within the industry. Available upon request.

Schedule and Fees

Please note that the schedule and fees are subject to the content and number of trainees. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and receive a customised proposal.

Part-time and Full-time Courses

Student chefs in class

View our Part-time Intensive Short Courses

If you're a chef currently working the restaurant and foodservice industry and are interested in short intensive courses, check out our 6 Month and 6 Week intensive short courses.

Short Courses
Student chef showing off their knife skills

View our Full-time Professional Diploma Course

Have a passion for Japanese cuisine & culture? Ready to embark on a transformative culinary journey? If you're interested in training  with us full-time and learning the intricate skills and techniques to become a qualified Japanese chef check out our Full-time Professional Diploma Course.

Full-Time Course
Tokyo, Japan

Study tour to Japan

As part of the course, you'll have the opportunity to travel to Japan, with the chance to participate in various cooking classes at the Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, Tokyo, where you'll learn cooking skills, taught by experienced chef instructors (with English translation provided). Additionally, you will have the opportunity to visit several historical places in Japan, as well as fish markets and the famous Kappabashi, or Kitchen Town, a street in Tokyo which is almost entirely populated with shops supplying the restaurant trade. This opportunity is exclusively available for graduate or currently enrolled students.